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The movements or timekeeping instruments submitted must be numbered. The number of each piece must be used only once by the same applicant for the same calibre.

Timekeeping instruments must be equipped with a seconds display. Calibres with a chronograph feature must, in addition to the seconds hand, be submitted with the chronograph hand.

Movements must be submitted in specific working calottes. The models and specificities of the calottes can be found in the COSC submission specifications.

The treatment of the movement masses to be certified implies the use of dials and working hands that are also specific. The COSC submission specifications outline the exact dimensions, shapes and colours permitted for semi-automatic tests.

The calibres must be characterised by the applicants by means of an identification form in order to ensure the best processing conditions and to prevent breakage during the repeated winding operations throughout the tests.

Download COSC submission specifications
Download the appendix to COSC submission specifications